Only 24 guests per night will have the trust of the hossts to receive the secret password and enjoy this amazing experience.

The experience includes 10 dish tasting menu paired with or without alcohol.


For over a decade, between 1920 and 1933, a nationwide ban on the production and sale of alcoholic beverages was enforced in the United States. This was known as "The Prohibition Era. Anyone caught drinking or selling alcohol would end up in jail.

This led to the birth of “Speakeasies” in New York. “Speakeasy” was a place where alcoholic beverages could be consumed in secret. These venues looked like a “normal” establishment at first, but somewhere inside the building would be a hidden bar.

The interesting feature about these secret drinking places was that anyone who wanted to
enter had to speak the “secret code word” This meant that only trusted people were allowed

In 2022, El Clandestino was born in Seville, a new Speakeasy concept, where guests can enjoy
their food and drinks in secret behind the unassuming façade of an Andalusian house.

A unique fine dining experience that can cater to up to 24 guests per night, after they receive a secret code word from the hosts.



Rafa Dorado

Our Chef, Rafa Dorado was born in Córdoba in 1990. He made up his mind to join the world of gastronomy and studied at the Gran Capitán Hospitality Management School in Córdoba.

At the age of 21, he left home and embarked on his own gastronomic adventure.

Dorado honed his craft with haute cuisine luminaries like Patrick Pignol in Paris, Carles Abellan and Albert Adriá in Barcelona, before returning to Andalusia, first to Marbella and then Seville.

In 2020, he met the person who would eventually become his partner in this speakeasy venture.

Alex Weston

Alex Weston, born in the small town of Beverly, UK, in 1979, moved to Andalusia when he was very young.

His passion for the hospitality industry led to a career in Michelan-starred restaurants such asthe Arbutus in London, Casa Marcial in Asturias and Hotel Casa Palacio Maria Luisa in Jerez dela Frontera, where he has always aimed to learn and acquire expertise by surrounding himself with the best professionals in the field.

During one of these forays, Weston met the person who would become his “travelling companion” in this very special enterprise.


Attention, look at your phone

El Clandestino is not a restaurant, it is a unique experience. So the day of your reservation pay attention to your cell phone, because a few minutes before you will receive a whatsapp in which we will give you the exact address, the time of our appointment and the secret password to live the experience.


Gift experience

Do you want to surprise someone?

Give Away Clandestino experience.

Gourmet Consulting

Do you want to start your own hotel business and need help?

Thanks to our experience with leading names in the industry, we have created a series of guidelines that will ensure that your business has the personality and quality required so that you can operate in the hospitality sector with foolproof guarantees.


Fancy holding a personal experience?

we will take care of all the details to make it an unforgettable day or night.


Would you like to be part of El Clandestino team?

Whether you have experience in hospitality and would like to join us in this unique project or are new to the business and would like to

learn by doing an apprenticeship, all you have to do is send your CV and we will get in touch.


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